The TGGF has embarked on a number of fundraising and donor initiatives and will continue working with other agencies to reach our target audience. Our Foundation has an ongoing campaign in which we are trying to increase the stem cell registry for the global Black community.  According to One Match Canada there is less than 1% in the registry and over 1000 people waiting for life saving stem cell transplant here in Canada. We are working to dispel some of the myths and fears associated with the donation of stem cell and we believe that the lack of education in this area is preventing people from donating; hence the high death rate in our community.  One Match Canada has ongoing campaigns for stem cell donation, and we are encouraging people of African, Caribbean descent to register with One Match Canada, request a swab kit to be used from the comfort of your home, or attend one of their swab clinics for testing.

The public can support by becoming involved in the Foundations ongoing initiatives which includes, but is not limited to: 

  • supporting the blood drive campaigns organized by varying organizations here in Canada
  • attending and participating in swab drive clinics across the GTA
  • deposits to our RBC Account # 1005669
  • attending fundraising initiatives