About Us

The Gerdine Graham Foundation was founded October 25, 2015 by Mr. Delroy Graham and Marcia A. Tulloch in memory of loved ones who have succumbed to Blood Cancer.

The Gerdine Graham Foundation is dedicated to individuals who bravely fought Leukemia and other blood cancers; those who have survived and the families, friends and supporters.

Our goal is to raise funds for cancer research and to increase awareness about Leukemia and other Blood cancers through education. We are emphasizing the need to donate blood, stem cells and bone marrow within the Caribbean community. We are doing this by hosting public events and partnering with various organizations and agencies.

Our efforts to improve the conditions at hospitals and other medical facilities includes, but is not limited to obtaining medical equipment and supplies.

Our foundation is partnering with representatives from the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon to erect a state-of-the-art Neonatal/Oncology unit for cancer treatment.

Mr. Delroy Graham


Marcia A. Tulloch


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The Gerdine Graham Foundation Inc.
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